Ok here goes. Im trying to figure a good starting oal for 9mm 124 gr xtp win231 win sp primers Hornady book lists min oal at 1.060 Lee lists 1.090 for min and the lee lists different min oal for different powders i havent checked the lynam yet. Just with a visual 1.60 looks pretty good but 1.06 looks way too short. I did everything by the book. Powders include Vectan , Vectan, Hodgdon, Accurate, Vihtavuori, Alliant, Winchester, IMR I did make up a few empty rounds at 1.155" - 1.158". 10mm Caliber.400” Diameter. Am absolutely amazed at 5.5 gr. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features I'm aiming for an average of 1.125". For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The obvious problem with this spec is that it is complete dependant on the shape of the bullet. I used Sierra 115 gr. Any longer than 1.150 and it becomes an adventure in reliability, so I backed it off for a little cushion and called 1.145 good. When I was making my test loads using same powder and bullet, I had an OAL of 1.150" and was starting out at 4.5 grains. I have had 9mm oal's as short as .95 your talking some pretty low powder amounts at that point. The 9×19mm Parabellum or 9mm Parabellum or 9mm Luger, is a firearms cartridge that was designed by Georg Luger and introduced in 1902 by the German weapons manufacturer Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) (German Weapons and Munitions Factory) for its Luger semi-automatic pistol. 38 Caliber.357” Diameter. Given I'm getting it free - I toss the out of spec short brass because to me, that's a sign it's been reloaded quite a bit. A forum community dedicated to Glock firearm owners and enthusiasts. I load my 9mm 115g FMJRN to 1.155-1.160 OAL and have not had any issues running them through a few different guns. Glock 26. 800 OAL 178 gr A-Max Lapua Brass 43. 9mm 124gr Federal factory loads are rated at 1120 fps. You could load that bullet at 1.100 to 1.170 and not have problems. 9 mm Parabellum OAL For some reason SAAMI and the US manufacturer's decided that Georg Luger's design wasn't good enough and shortened the OAL. These Sierra bullets in my option look very Depending on the powder, the minimum OAL is somewhere around 1.125" (going off of memory, so I would need someone to verify that). 38 Special. There has always been a great tendency to load bullets for auto pistols longer than normal due to fear that deeper seating of the bullet would result in excessive pressure in the rounds. The larger permanent cavity may lead to faster blood loss. I reloaded my first batch of 9mm, and I want your advice. So I set it to 1.164. Keep in mind that case gages do NOT measure OAL as much as headspace & cartridge spec diameter. (not sure tho) i believe 1.169 is the standard Max OAL. OAL is considered the muzzle — minus removable muzzle devices — to the rear of the brace (either collapsed or folded to be in its shortest form). 41 Rem Mag. Well duh.... decreasing the OAL while maintaining the same amount of powder increases pressure. I’ve only made about 6 bullets to test for OAL so far. The other rounds worked fine. (MODERN RELOADING Second Edition - Richard Lee) Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. When I dropped the magazine and ejected the round, I saw that the plating got scratched up in the process of chambering. I've been using Power Pistol in my XDm and my Springer Loaded.

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